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Cafe de Block
We provide O2O service that allows users to experience digital currency which is mainly used online in real life. Café de Block is an open space to create new experiences and communities regarding the use of digital currency in sales, exchanges, payment and sharing related information.
Cafe de Block Store Info
- Location : 1st floor, ADORA Tower, 272, Toegyero, Jung-gu, Seoul
- It is an open space where you can experience differentiated ordering method of digital currency, relax, and form communities.
- It is a space for communication where you can hold various programs such as forums, parties, and study meetings.
- It serves as a guide and helps users learn easily about digital currency and blockchain through education.
- It works as a leading model of infotainment by sharing investment and technology information of digital currency.
- It provides an opportunity to experience ATM, exchange of digital currency, and P2P transactions in real time.