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Industrial IoT platform
Blockchain transaction platform is a payment service that enables easy and safe payments between a consumer and a seller by using HDAC (Hyundai Digital Asset Currency) based on blockchain system. The seller can add a Cryptocurrency payment method as one of payment methods, and the consumer can easily make a payment with the e-wallet at any time, and any place.
M2M Transaction
The Cryptocurrency is raising its value for its convenience as an alternative Cryptocurrency and also as a new investment target. However, the fourth industrial revolution needs an effective payment method that can secure trust between devices, which also can make a mutual decision, and a payment thereafter. By bringing “Beyond the Human Pay” into reality, we provide an “All Round Transaction” platform that supports payments between IoTs.
We provide an O2O service where you can experience Cryptocurrency in real lives as well. Café de Block is an open space that creates a community for new experiences including purchasing, exchanging, payment, and trade of information by using Cryptocurrency.