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EVA (Enterprise Virtual Account)
EVA (Enterprise Virtual Account) is a cloud-based financial services gateway platform for back office processing for various services between KRW and virtual currency. We will provide a safe and efficient service platform to businesses that provide Fintech services such as P2P loan lenders, crowdfunding companies, e-commerce business, and overseas remittance businesses dealing with a micro-transaction.
Key Components of the services
  • Artificial Account Management
  • Managing Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Money Shift
  • Balance
  • Escrow
  • Security
  • Data Analysis
- An open platform to develop Fintech application easily
- Flexible and expandable platform centered around the user
- Securing a trust and safe transaction
- Supporting BTC, ETH, Hdac
Expected Launching Date
The mid of November 2017