1. Platforms
  2. Hardware
This is an autonomous transaction service that allows an individual to buy and sell Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency – in other words, a service that allows trade, remittance, and exchange. An individual can directly encash or recharge the Cryptocurrency inside the electronic wallet.
User manual
Providing a smartphone application that creates the QR code of user’s electronic wallet address to display it on the app, processing it on the ATM and type the amount. Unlike the existing Cryptocurrency transfer, which an individual has to input an address made of texts and numbers, this method has alleviated such inconveniences of typing in every single address and memorizing it by the QR code recognition function of ATM.
The hardware security module (HSM) is a specialized management device for the encoded key to protect the life span of the encoded key. By consolidating the forge and modulation prevention device, the encoded key is stored and managed safely inside the device so that a variety of encoded keys required by different work systems and security systems of businesses and organizations can be controlled easily.
Application Example
HSM is used widely to protect and secure the transaction, ID and application of business. HSM also protects encoding keys for numerous applications, encrypted provisioning, decoding codes, verification, and digital signature service.
H/W Wallet
The H/W Wallet is a small device of a security specialized USB form that is used to store the Cryptocurrency. The personal key is stored inside the device, and the user can check whether the transaction has been made, and this record is sent to the computer. This is highly safe from any threats such as hacking or harmful viruses compared to the web wallet connected to the internet.
  • Multi-currency
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, HDAC support
  • Built-in Display
    Checking the transaction through OLED display
  • Security
    The user data is protected safely in a strongly isolated environment with a PIN code lock
  • Backup & Restoration
    By processing a back-up at a recovery sheet, restoration is made easy with a same H/W Wallet device or other compatible wallets
  • Dimension & Weight
    Size : 60.4mm x 22.4mm x 8.2mm, Weight : 11g
  • Microcontroller & Connector
    Main chips : ARM based 32bit MCU + Secure Memory
    Connector : USB Micro-B
    Certification level : Applying a CC EAL5 secure chip