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Smart IoT
The Blockchain technology is applied to networks between IoTs so that it offers safer and trustful connections and integration systems between devices. It makes mutual authentication between IoT devices and save activation history to be possible on a Private Blockchain. The technology can be applied to smart factory, smart home, smart building, and various IoT industries. Also, Machine Currency for mutual contracts and payments between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and payments are possible. It is also where we can implement Beyond the Human Pay.
User example
Expected Launching Date
The first half of 2018
Smart HERIOT Home
Smart HERIOT Home is a service that incorporates the latest Blockchain technology into a smart home. This service enables transparent management of apartment expenses and enhances the security of IoTs that are applied to apartments, making it possible for residents to live with peace of mind.
Convenience System
  • Smart Home (Mobile App.)
    View and control the status of your home remotely by using the application on your smart phone. The application provides notifications based on the configured information
  • Smart Wall-pad
    Adopted a huge 10-inch touch screen with a sophisticated design
    -Interaction with main/ house entrance gates -Able to make a call to the security/ management office -Notifies you when a registered vehicle arrives at the apartment -Calling for an elevator, and more -Able to open the main entrance -Able to check a video of visitors during absence -View the amount of energy consumed
  • Remote Meter-reading System
    Management office is able to read electric, water, and heating meters without visiting the house and households can view the amounts of consumption through Smart Wallpad in their house.
  • Elevator Calling System
    Able to call for an elevator with Smart Wallpad in the house or at the entrance

Security System
  • CCTV Recording System
    the Safety of the residents will be secured with surveillance cameras installed in the underground parking lot, elevator, and playground in the complex.
  • Vehicle Access Control
    License plate recognition parking management system will help to control the unnecessary entry and exit of cars from outside and provide a vehicle arrival notification service
  • Integrated Security System
    Automatic door and lobby phone installed on the first floor and the basement level will control the access of outsiders
  • Security Function for each Household
    Security function for each household will detect outsiders breaking in and alarm the security office *Front door open magnetic sensor and living room motion sensor will be installed in every household
  • Smart Apartment Management
    Preventing any manipulations to the account book by using the new blockchain technology

Energy Saving System
  • Energy management system
    A system that systematically analyzes the amount of energy consumed in the house (Sets a goal for reducing energy consumption & sends notifications, displays the amount of energy consumed and a list of ranks, and more)
  • Automatic cut off system of standby power
    Reduces the use of standby power by home appliances by automatically cutting off the minutely generated standby power while not in use
  • Air-conditioner/ Heating control system
    Cuts down unnecessary use of energy by controlling air-conditioner and heating system in each room (Function provided if you install an air-conditioner)
Expected Launching Date
The second half of 2018