1. Platforms
  2. Blockchain
Introducing blockchain platform technology of HyundaiPay that can be applied to a variety of industries.
Blockchain is not a technology where one entity holds and manages the transaction accounts of all customers by sharing every transaction record, but it is a technology where many entities can share and manage everybody’s transaction accounts. Unlike the previous system where the transaction records were kept inside a centralized server, blockchain shares the transaction records with everyone and is often referred to as the ‘public transaction account’. The blockchain technology of HyundaiPay can generate a new type of business since it can be applied to a variety of industries including financial services, logistics, manufacturing management, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Application field of Blockchain Technology
    - Cryptocurrency : Hdac, Bitcoin, etc.
    - Public / Security : Digital Contracts, Public Records, Electronic voting, etc.
    - Industrial Application : Internet of Things, Social Networks, E-commerce, etc.
    - Transaction / Payment : Fintech, Micro-Payments, Payment Gateway, Authentication, etc.