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Transaction innovation
The concept of 'Transaction innovation', pursued by HyundaiPay, is to eliminate the delay caused by direct payment, implementing the trust-based network system through the Blockchain in the future society where complicated IoTs are connected. It is our vision that various IoT devices connected to the trust-based network of the Blockchain can make payments on behalf of humans.
CEO message
We have witnessed many changes since the Internet was introduced to the world. Watching news, chatting with friends, shopping, and making payments with smartphones become great parts of our daily life. Even fully autonomous vehicle will be implemented in coming years and you can already experience semi-autonomous driving and autonomous parking with new cars in the market now. Soon, artificial intelligence will replace human experts from various industries. The World is rapidly changing, and it is now common knowledge that there is IT technology behind these changes. Things will become more intelligent and connected to everything in the world. IoT will make our homes, vehicles, and companies smarter than before. It will coexist with us in our daily lives, and numerous pieces of information will be exchanged and shared in the closest way. These information and data will help us learn and develop IoT more.
However, the one thing that we should not forget is the safety of such technologies. Not only the safeties of an autonomous vehicle, wearable devices we are using, and an Artificial Intelligence, but also how trustful the world filled with such devices would be, are all the things we doubt about. We should pay attention to how we will establish a foundation of safety and trust in the process of the fourth industrial revolution. When a trust-based network is constructed allowing things in the world to be interconnected and effectively operate, I believe the forth industrial revolution - expected to bring a whole new change for the human race since the introduction of World Wide Web - would proceed right and properly. However, the more the technology brings us affluence, the more protected our privacy should be. Technological revolution should be able to fairly judge and protect people’s rights beyond just drawing a line between the good and bad – along with protecting the human from increasing cybercrimes. These will form a foundation of trust and lead to a stable industrial growth.
The economy is about trust. The value of new technologies will shine when they are created on the basis of trust. HyundaiPay aims to bring ‘Beyond the Human Pay’ – a reasonable and effective payment system - to the reality by combining blockchain with IoT to create a trust-based network for the next industrial revolution, and by utilizing diverse FinTech techniques. Decentralized Trust-based Network, which the Internet has long been dreaming of but yet, has never succeeded to achieve, is now presented before us and in the process where this network transforms from information-based Internet to a value-centered one, HyundaiPay will ceaselessly do its best to create a safe and convenient consumption and payment culture.
Kim, ByungChul
HyundaiPay (2017. 6 ~ Now)
- Chief Executive Officer
Hyundai BS&C (2011. 5 ~ 2017. 6)
- ICT New Business General Director (2016. 4 ~ 2017. 6)
- IT2 Business HQ Head Director (2015. 1 ~ 2016. 3)
- ITO Business Chief Director (2014. 1 ~ 2014. 12)
Shinsegae I&C (2007. 1 ~ 2009. 8)
- Head of Solution Business Team
Korea NCR Teradata (2002. 5 ~ 2004. 6)
- Head of CRM Solution
Kyung Hee University (2000. 3 ~ 2001. 2)
- Adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Business Administration
ORACLE Korea (1995. 5 ~ 2000. 6)
- Head of e-Business Solution Team
SSangYong Information & Communications Corp (1990. 6 ~ 1995. 5)
- Sequent Business System Engineer
Company Overview
  • CEO
    Kim, ByungChul
  • Date of establishment
    December, 2016
  • Business Area
    Blockchain-based FinTech
    financial business and IoT Infrastructure
  • Location
    Headquarter : 10th floor, ADORA Tower, 272, Toegye-ro,
    Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
HyundaiPay CI
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As HyundaiPay’s official symbol reflecting a sense of formativeness and unity, the triangle symbolizes the Egyptian ‘pyramid’ which represents human architecture, and the word mark surrounding the triangle symbolizes the shape of the globe. The blue color of the figure ‘globe’ gives overall unity to the logo, with its meaning HyundaiPay as a ‘Global Company’ that reaches to the world beyond Korea.
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