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Transaction innovation
The concept of 'Transaction innovation', pursued by HyundaiPay, is to eliminate the delay caused by direct payment, implementing the trust-based network system through the Blockchain in the future society where complicated IoTs are connected. It is our vision that various IoT devices connected to the trust-based network of the Blockchain can make payments on behalf of humans.
Company Overview
  • CEO
    Michael Yun
  • Date of establishment
    December, 2016
  • Business Area
    Blockchain-based FinTech
    financial business and IoT Infrastructure
  • Location
    Headquarter : 10th floor, ADORA Tower, 272, Toegye-ro,
    Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
HyundaiPay CI
Korean Version
English Version
As HyundaiPay’s official symbol reflecting a sense of formativeness and unity, the triangle symbolizes the Egyptian ‘pyramid’ which represents human architecture, and the word mark surrounding the triangle symbolizes the shape of the globe. The blue color of the figure ‘globe’ gives overall unity to the logo, with its meaning HyundaiPay as a ‘Global Company’ that reaches to the world beyond Korea.
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